Lumia 620 Giveaway

Posted on March 5, 2013  •  2 minutes  • 279 words
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UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations Imran Shaquif, of Dangling Neuron, who has won the March Lumia 620 giveaway.

March Lumia 620 Giveaway

I am giving away a Lumia 620 to a lucky WPDev.

The rules are simple:

If you meet these conditions, send the following information to ext-lance.mccarthy (at) Nokia.com:

Once I verify your info, I will add you to the list and randomly draw a winner on Sunday, March 31st. If you do not win here, then don’t worry, I have a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve for the next couple months. Get your app in the store and get the url to me!

If you do not have a DevCenter account, send me the finished app and I will give you a DevCenter account.

Ready, Set, CODE!


Fine Print: This contest is held by me and I reserve the right to change the rules if it is found to be unfair. You are not eligible if you are represented by another Nokia Developer Ambassador, this is because they each have the same resources as me and I will be cross-referencing with them to make sure you are not “double-dipping”. This device is not available for retail sale in the US and is not covered by US warranty.

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